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Jim Pellatt

Composer and Musician

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Reviews Of Choralis:

This is so calming. I really enjoyed listening to this. The sound is so soothing, so spiritual. The vocals on the track felt like what angels would sound like. Double-F The King Nigeria

Lovely song! the instrumentation is absolutely stunning! Your beat is just something so incredible and I love the sounds you've chosen. the way your music sounds is so calm and relaxing.

LeRoi Windhoek Nmibia

Great piece! I absolutely love it. It is so relaxing and delightful. The key issue with much ambient music is the monotony. They often just hold one chord for 10 minutes with random sound effects in the background. This song had long soothing notes, but mixed it up with relaxing melodies so that I never lost interest in the piece. Beautiful work!

Gralyn Stiel La Crosse USA.

Reviews Of Salu:

Beautiful melody, I really enjoyed it. Very calm, relaxed and very positive too...I love the energy...good composition!

Pierre Kabulo, Johannesburg Sout Africa

Jim Pellatt, Composer and Musician and Composer Unsung Series of Podcasts. com, ,

Great Composition and Arrangement ... the Full Progression Is Very Emphatic and Emotional, This Track Is Perfect for Movie Soundtracks.
My Mind Goes to Great Artists Such as Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer and Others Similar.
Interesting New Music Job.

Raffaella PiccirilloLombardy, Italy

Your music is super great man I like the way it flows the strings give it that passion the feeling of love someone hurt by love it's beautiful.

Kk The DrummerNew York, United States

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Located in Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom

From the smaller and simpler tunes to magnificent music on a grander scale, my work has touched many people across the world. I promise they’ll transport you to another time and place altogether. 

All my music on this album has strong melodic themes in a romantic style, and is fully orchestrated. A strong memorable melody in all my compositions, is my watchword.

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